Furloughed Workers

Keep your people engaged, informed and get them back working as soon as possible.

Simplify communications

With access to company devices or email limited, provide your people with a simple communications platform - with an rich improved experience.

Staying organised

Create as many talent pools as you need to keep connected to your furloughed workers - without having to worry about juggling spreadsheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Rehire project relate to people on furlough?

At the Rehire project, our mission is to get as many people impacted the Coronavirus back working as soon as possible. If you're furloughing or have furloughed workers, it is important to stay in touch, and that's what this initiative is all about.

If I'm on furlough, does Rehire mean getting my job back?

No, you haven't lost your job. In this context, Rehire just means getting back to work.

How does this help with workers on furlough?

Many employers are restricting or removing access to company emails and devices in order to comply with Government guidelines. And this is leaving some furloughed workers at risk of being cut off from updates and support.

Creating a private talent pool enables employers to keep in touch with all their furloughed workers in order to provide regular updates and support.

Are the talent pools private?

Yes, absolutely. In this challenging time, there are some updates that need to be kept private and for internal eyes only. The privacy of your talent pools allow updates, comments and questions on the topics that matter.

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